How do folks approach experience caps or ranges in job descriptions, such as "7-10 years experience" in skill XYZ? What if you have 15 years experience?

Should you say you have only 10 years when your resume clearly shows more? A role I'm applying for is specifically asking me to respond to exact "total experience in years" for particular skills and I don't know how to approach this. If I answer out of range will I get screened out and not even get a chance to interview? To me, saying 10 years when I have 15 is not a false statement since 15 includes 10, but also why should I play games around this?

Any insight or guidance is appreciated. Thanks MT.

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Go ahead and state the actual years of experience. I don't think it will exclude you from being interviewed. Even though applications state a range it's not usually a hard-and-fast rule. In the very rare case that it does exclude you from being considered, you would be excluded as soon as they discovered that your experience goes beyond that time by looking at your resume or discussing your experience in an interview. But again, I would be quite surprised if having too much experience were the cause for exclusion from consideration. 

Good luck!


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Got it. Thanks mmcconkie.