I’m considering a new challenge and would like to manage a department but I “only” have a degree in electronics. I’m not sure I’m not sure if this will be enough. I learned most of my qualifications on the job and leadership as an officer in the army. At the moment, I’m leading a team of 4 people.

I had a look at the various training possibilities. I could do course in management and leadership (validated by a Swiss “federal diploma”) or could be admitted to a business school for a EMBA. In both cases, I would be taking the courses on Saturdays for about a year. I’m very motivated and am ready to invest time and money into it but is that is the best way to achieve my ambition ?

What is more important experience or diplomas ?

I would very grateful if some of you would share their experiences and opinion on this.

Thank you,


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Have you read through this thread?


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As a non-military person I have always had a lot of respect for military leadership skills. Your skills have to be good to get other people to literally put their lives on the line. So I wouldn't, and don't, discount military training.

For now, focus on your team. Make your team the best team. Update your resume with your results. Probably someone in your company will notice and promote you. If not, take your results oriented resume out for a spin.

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Thanks for pointing the thread out, it's very interesting.


The company I work for is very small. No chance of getting a promotion there. I already know I'll have to leave to move on. Just got the interviewing series and working on it.

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Don't give up on the small company. I run a small company. I hired a terrific person that I really wanted to keep. To do so, we opened a second location and she ran it. Accordingly she got a raise and a partnership.

Seven years later she's still working with me.

When I find great people, I find a way to keep them.