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I loved the recent Career Tools podcast on External Interviews, and found what I felt like could be a potential conflict with some of the advice John Lucht gives in "Rites of Passage."

Logically, it makes sense to me not to turn down opportunities to interview whenever they come up. John Lucht, however, recommends occasionally turning down opportunities to interview (especially with Executive Recruiters) in order to appear more valuable. My understanding was it was kind of the "play hard to get" method of executive dating - if a recruiter thinks your open to ANY opportunity, they start to wonder how valuable you really are.

Can someone help square these two pieces of advice for me?

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Are you a very senior executive (that is, do the words "Chief" and "Officer" appear in your title, or are you next in line to be one)?  

That's the difference.  Lucht is (mostly) focused on the very senior folks.  MT interview advice is (mostly) focused on mid-level management.  

When you reach a certain level, you can play hard to get.  Most MT listeners aren't there....yet!  

John Hack