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Can anybody beat this?

I applied for a job Friday evening around 7 pm with "Ivy Exec". I was qualified for the role. I included a good cover letter. Resume is MT style and supports the qualifications. But I don't think either cover letter or resume were looked at by a human being. As I received an automated rejection email at 4:30 am sat. 9 hours, 30 minutes. On a weekend. That's got to be some kind of a record, right?

Maybe my resume has would up in the trash pile in less time than that before, and I just didn't know about it. This company was at least efficient. Trying to keep up my sense of humor during a long-term job search.

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The curse of the ATS strikes again! I'm glad it's not just me that suffers this.

Over the last six months, I've come to liken my experience with ATS' to a wishing well. Sometimes you don't even hear a splash from the bottom.

In the most human of interactions, we have allowed a machine to manage the process. I cannot think of an example in a similar area of business such as sales.

Keep plugging on!


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I plugged away at 7 applications today. I took the easy path and only applied for jobs with a simple resume and cover letter upload option, or an option to apply by email. It was a productive day free of evil online HR systems. I'm sure I will have to do battle with one tomorrow, but I deserved a mental break today.

thanks for the encouragement. Jeanne

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I'm just short of six months of doing this Jeanne, good days and bad days!