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'What are your favorite books on Management Consultancy?
Some of my favorites are:
* Marshall Goldsmith - ‘What Got You Here Won’t Get You There’
* David Maister - ‘Managing the Professional Service Firm’ ‘

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Some favorites of manager-tools appear; perhaps some other favorites might give you new ideas.

Please add your own favorites as answer to this post!

b.t.w. the future book of Mark Horstman will probaby be on the very top of my favorite list!



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Jeroen - I noticed that your list includes some of David Maister's work. I'm also a big fan of his. I've recently read a great book on the narrower topic of [b][i]managing profitability [/i][/b]in services firms - and I reocmmend it as a compliment to Maister's work.

[b]Neil Backwith: [i]"Managing Professional Communications Agencies - How to double your profitability[/i][/b]

Although as the title suggests, ithis book is aimed at marketing and communications firms, the priniciples apply to general consultancies.