Should I prep my favorite candidate on the questions he or she will be asked in an interview - if you know the exact questions?

In the podcast for "Favorite Candidate Interview Prep" there is guidance to prep your candidate for the interview with your boss.  The part that specifically troubles me is prepping the candidate on questions he or she can expect from my boss - because of my specific situation.  At my place of employment (federal government) we require a panel interview with 10 questions.  My boss will be one of the panel members, but I will write all ten questions - word-for-word - and the questions will be asked word-for-word as I wrote them.  Because I write the questions, I know exactly what questions my boss will ask.  Because I use the interview creation tool my boss and I (and the other panel members) will even be looking for the same things in a strong answer.  In this situation, it feels wrong to prep my favorite candidate

Obviously, my boss can (and will) ask followup questions.  HR encourages us to limit followup, non-scripted questions (though my boss and I both tend to take that encouragement with a grain of salt).  Still, we only have one hour and we must get through the 10 questions.  The followup questions are usually limited.  I feel very comfortable prepping the candidate on what kind of followup questions might come up - but not so comfortable with the primary, scripted questions.

What about the primary, scripted questions - should I prep the candidate on those questions?