Our office fax is down again..

I have one person down at Kinkos sending out the essential correspondence and another emailing everyone else to let them know we're having technical problems.

Today we're having problems with the machine stuck in an error mode, but it's usually a problem with the phone lines, because the building we're in is getting renovated. So ultimately I am looking at something like internet fax to get rid of reliance on the phone lines, and the printer.

The thing is, I need to have a system where the staff have roles with limits. I can't have everyone in the company reviewing the sent faxes from the owner, and yet if the owner wants one of his faxes re-sent while he's on the road, someone in the company needs permissions to go in and do it.

I'm asking all over the place looking for any insight/experience so all replies are welcome.



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Hi J,

There's a number of good applications, main thing is that the same people as today should have access, so it shouldnt be a problem to setup.

Give it a go, as it sounds very useful in your situation. Likewise if the boss is on the run and have internet connection, he should be able to see the faxes there as well ;)

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 Hi J,

I switched over to RingCentral for my faxes (and main VOIP phone number).   I couldn't be happier.    It has all of the standard features, including Fax<->Email, Print to Fax, etc.   All of my employees have the app, so they can all see the common fax queue for their department.  You could setup a separate extension for the boss, and only give selected people access.

The iPhone app is very handy, it allows you to view the fax queue on the road.   If I need to send a fax, I just bring up the email with the appropriate document with the fax, and forward it the appropriate email fax number.     






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 Is this a situation where individuals have a defined area of responsibility (by project, by customer, by geographical area &c)? If so maybe have a lead and deputy on each one, a couple of places I've worked have used this model. The lead is first point of contact but if they are out the deputy has all the systems permissions they need to step in. The lead has the responsibility of making sure the deputy is up to date on the relevant details and there is relevant and up to date documentation. The deputies are not new staff, existing staff are lead on some areas and deputy on others. This also gives you some protection against the 'single point of failure' problem, if the lead suddenly quits, gets arrested or is hospitalised you have someone primed to step in to cover whilst you're sorting out what longer term solutions you need.



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I use a service called to send free personal faxes. I know they have a lot of ads for premium services where they will let you E-mail to send a fax, and set up dedicated lines that go straight to E-mail. So check that out. You should not have to go to Kinkos, not with the availability of Internet these days.