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Asking for it is also wonderful.

I recently sought out my VPGM to ask him about my career path. In the big scheme of things, his desk is where I want to end up, I figured he was the perfect person to go to for advice on my 'next steps'. I'm not looking to move any time soon (6 months in my current position and still tons I want to do there).

What I got far exceeded my simple expectations. I had development steps to take with my Director and about half an hour of our VP's time showing me the big keys of what I need to learn now (which is another big item on my 'to do' list).

Budget season progresses, and I am on the path. Visits today to our insource group for purely personal reasons gave me some additional contact on the professional items that will have a big impact on that budgeting. Good stuff. Way good stuff.

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That's great Julia! How did you approach him -- I could use some bits of script to steal if you don't mind.

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He's *very* approachable, and we have a good working relationship as a basis. I simply asked him if I could have a few minutes of his time in the next couple of weeks - I had a few questions I felt he could best answer for me.

I told him that I was looking at my future with the company and trying to make some decisions about where I need to go long-term in order to meet my goals. I'm not looking at changing anything soon, but when the time comes, I want to be prepared for where to look for that next step.

I don't know if that helps much. It worked well for me, but we have an established relationship (when I arrived in this market, the first hug I got was from him - we worked together in my previous market as well).

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Thanks Julia. I didn't know you already knew him. Still, what you said wouldn't be so impossible with the person I'm thinking of targeting in my org. I like the long-term focus, because it really applies in my case.

You rock.


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Glad it helped and good luck! Let me know how it goes for you.

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Good for you. I find the best way to approach is be open. Do your best to draw your future in broad strokes then approach your boss with that future vision and see what they think and ask for help refining it and getting there. Only the worst of bosses would turn down a request for help from a good DR...and that's some career feedback in itself if you have a bad boss.