Greetings MT:

Got this feed back(I asked my manager for this) from my manager.

My directs feel like Itreat them like children.

What is the best podcast to listen to to corret this habitual nature.



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Before you can correct this you need to fnd out what behavoir is causing this.   Are they pushing back on you becuase you have to chase them down for the status of their work assignments; then make sure that the report back to me is part of the initial assignment.  Is it your phrasing or tone you use with them?  I had a co-worker that would use phrases like "now children" and "hey kids" frequently in meetings.  He thought he was being funny and was not able to read them room and see how it landed with others.

Sorry but the "you treat us like children" statement is not enough information for you to start chaning things yet.  You need to get some specifics on what your doing that makes them feel this way.