Is the feedback model powerful? You bet it is! True Story!

I was at a dinner party on Friday night when someone mentioned they had done a lunch and learn that week as the presenter. He followed up that his boss had given him some feedback and basically told him he sucked.

I guess my MT gene kicked in and I blurted out "Sorry dude, that wasn't feedback. That was just out and out criticism and likely didn't help you. Is what your boss said to you going to help you do a better presentation next time?"

The person responded in the negative and the table (about 12 of us) went into a discussion with most people's experience about feedback being similar to the lunch and learners.

I then said "Can I share a feedback model I recently learned? I then describe the MT feedback model and gave an example specific to the lunch and learn presenter. No one had ever been given feedback in this manner.

There was silence in the room and people's jaws dropped. I couldn't capture all the comments, but the two I remember were "I wish my boss would give me feedback like that" and "That was certainly clear and helpful".

The model works and is easy to use. Thanks Mike and Mark.


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That's a great story!

Keep spreading the gospel!

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I have been using the feedback-to-peers version of the model to give feedback (both positive and adjusting) to my children (6 & 8 ), although I have never explained to them what I am doing. They seem to appreciate the behaviour focus, as they learn explicitly what happens as a consequence of what they do, rather than having to surmise it.

The other day, my youngest was doing something dangerous & hence naughty and I just shouted out her name to make her stop, until I could go over to give her the feedback. She turned to me with a sad face and said "Mummy, when you shout at me, you know what? It makes me feel really upset and then I get cross". 8)


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I think we're at our smartest at about 5. It's all downhill from there. Stories like this don't change my mind. :)