Would appreciate some advice on this topic.

I've just announced the feedback model in my weekly staff meeting and recieved a lot of pushback from directs.

Some directs said: it seems overall complicated just tell us, we already get feedback from you, people know whether something they've done is good or bad already, we discuss it in one to ones, we're happy with the feedback we recieve already.

I just couldn't seem to get the model across in a way that made sense to them.  We're a very technical team and wondered if its a type of personality or just I'm rubbish at explaining. Probably the second one but I really tried.

I left the meeting saying I'd try it for a few weeks and if it didn't make the impact I was hoping, I'd review it again in around a month as claims of its pointlessness across the team was a little disheartening.

Generally, I have a positive relationship with all except maybe one who is very strong headed and objects to most changes unless he sees the value.  We do get on well most of the time but butt heads occasionally. 

I'm comfortable pushing ahead but not sure whether I should force it?

Thanks in advanced.

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I rececommend the first cast in this list. I, too, have had to overcome pushback on O3s with the occasional direct report.

One former direct who initially resisted O3s later became a director of his own group.  Guess what...he did one one ones with his own group too. O3s work!

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You have told your team so now its time to put into practice. The feedback model is simple. Its really just a formula for making sure you cover the elements needed.  "Hey Bob, can I give you some feedback? When you are late to the meeting it means we cant start on time and we have to cut important discussions short. Can you make sure you are here on time in future" .

Sounds like your team are on board anyway so now you have alerted them to the fact of the feedback model they wont be upset when they hear "feedback" as they will know the model can be for positive and negative feedback and happens every day.

The good thing is that if used regularly the feedback model corrects poor behaviour and encourages good behaviour regularly rather than waiting for things to build up.