I recently learned that the exact phrase, "Mind If I give you some feedback?" does not necessarily need to be recited verbatim. :oops:

Will you please share some alternative opening lines?

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Can I talk to you about X?

Can I share something with you?

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Any question that makes it clear you want to give them feedback, and allows them the option of saying "No" works.

- Can we talk about your presentation?

- Would you like some feedback on that?

Don't worry about being repetitive. Folks will figure out what you're doing, which is a good thing.


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Since you are in San Diego, "Dude, feedback?"

Mark said one of his clients actually uses this phrasing. It's totally appropriate with some people.

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For peers, I loved one that Mike had at the conference:
"Would you be willing to consider an observation?"

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All of the above are good. A quick reminder that it is critical that whatever words you decide on, you always say them the same way for both affirming and corrective feedback.

For instance, for corrective FB I used to say “Can I tell you how you can suck less?” But now I just use the standard line.



ok, that last part was a joke. Couldn’t help myself :)

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You scare me.