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Greetings All,

This is my first post on the forum but a long time podcast listener and relatively recent lincessee and conference attendee. 

Very short background to prep the question - I am an entrepreneur at heart and the founder and relateively young (31) CEO of my 4 year old company, an adult sports rec company (think softball, kickball, special events, etc). I have a small (7 full time) and young (average age is 25?) team.

I'd like to be able to bring them more perspective on what makes small businesses "go" or conversely "fail" while also helping to encourage a more entrepreneurial way of thinking as a core foundation to part of our culture and the behaviors championed here at the company. 

So... with that. My thought was to have a monthly, possibly twice monthly, in office viewing of the TV show the Profit. My goal would be for the viewing to have a discussion afterward of what we thought was interesting, could apply to how or what we do here and what we might want to incorporate here or make sure doesn't happen here. 

I want to try and find a way that is engaging to get these types of conversatiosn flowing. I know the show is surely not perfect but I think it does provide good insights. 

Thoughts on this idea and approach?!

Thank you in advance for anyone willing to share.