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Mike and Mark,  

I need to share this story, and I hope it makes you smile.  I have practiced delivering feedback with my kids (girl 10 and boy 7) - and do it with complete sincerity.  For example, it may sound like, "Hannah, can I give you some feedback?  When you forget to clean your room, it creates work for your Mom or I because we have to remind you.  How could you handle it differently in the future?"  And it works!  Plus it helped me become accustomed to the pattern and delivery so it feels more natural.  

Kids do pay attention though, because the other night at dinner, I was pontificating about some news of the day.  Then with a beautiful smiling face, my daughter begins, "Dad, can I give you some feedback..."  She nailed it, my little manager!  I'm so proud.  

Just had to share.  And also thinking how much MT guidance is adaptable to parenting.  Parent Tools, perhaps?  

Thanks for your service.  


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Don't try this on your spouse though!!!

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Right; for that, use the Peer-to-Peer Feedback Model: Skip steps 1 and 4. :)

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For the spouse I recommend skipping steps 1, 2, 3, and 4. 

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For Spouse feedback I would also recommend missing steps 1 through to 5 unless you like lawyers and emergency rooms. As for your kids, I like to think that I am teaching them a skill that took me 35 years to acquire. What a head start they'll have in their first job!

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Being a wife (and a darn good one) for 33 years. I will say first that I have heard the entire MT team say "don't use this on your spouse". With that disclaimer I will also venture that being more in tune with effective communication in the workplace has definitely helped my communication with my husband. Although I wouldn't phrase it as feedback (because I have listened to so many podcasts while on the road with him he would DEFINITELY know that I was "feedbacking") I have moved much more to identifying behaviors to discuss instead of "atttitudes, feelings, etc.)

Because it comes from respect and love I think it's dandy in many settings. (But then of course I have an exceptional husband, so don't try this at home)