I have a direct who is happy to attend 03s, however he cannot cope wih any form of critica feedback and is not good with positive either.

He doesn't hear what I have said he just becomes withdrawn and if I keep pushig depressed. (I have been working it him for seven years and have tried many approaches)

He desn't seem to undestand positive feeback whenever I give it he looks confused, it also seems to have no affect in changing behaviour.

I think he has Aspergers as we all did a online test and he came very high on the scale (However he des not accept this)

He has a tendancy to procrastinate on projects. (aim, aim, aim ..) his coworkers find this and is lack of focus on one project at a time very frustrating.

When challeged he will misdirect and somtimes outright lie to deflect feedback.

He cannot cope with confrontation but is very conrontational.

He can do his job - when on task.

He is a small team leader (3)  which he is very poor but does not want to give the roll up.(He thinks he could manage production). He is the poduction support team leader and does not communicate well with the rest of producton and wants to be involved in everything.

HELP - I have totally run out of ideas.



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I would suggest that you re-introduce Feedback.


It sounds like he doesn't understand what you are trying to accomplish.

and/or he doesn't understand the Model as a tool.   

Smaller corrections and affirmations - more often.  In an unthreatening way.


He may be taking it as criticism and vain praise.


Explain it again.

I would even suggest that you assign some Manager Tools Podcasts to the Direct.

Ask him to listen carefully to the FeedBack Podcasts and to understand it a little better.

Yes --  tell him plainly that you are assigning him to Listen to these 2 podcasts and discuss it with you at your next O3 meeting.

Yes - That is an assignment and a report.

Pick two good ones from these.

Good Luck