I wanted to share an example of the MT employee feedback model from a scene in the TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Except for step one, the coaching and counseling is very recognizable to what the MT team teaches.


I found an online video of the scene here:

The scene starts at 15:00 into the show and lasts until 16:16.


(I found the script and edited down the parts to what made it into the scene):

LORE (Leader)

What is it?


CROSIS (supervisor)

This Borg disconnected himself from the others. He would not let me hear his thoughts.


LORE (to Goval [second-level individual contributor])

I've asked you all to remain linked to Crosis at all times. You know that, don't you?






I understand how difficult it is for you. How uncertain you feel. All these sensations are new --and they can be frightening. Isn't that right?



Yes. I -- have doubts...



Of course you do. That's only natural. And no one is going to blame you for that.


But the only way to lose those doubts... to keep you from fear and confusion... is for you to stay linked with the others. So their strength and confidence can help you.


I need you, Goval. I need you to help me build a future for the Borg.


I can't do it without you. Will you help me?



Yes... I will...