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so thought I'd introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Wendii.

I live in Portsmouth, UK (in the middle, left to right, of the south coast).

I'm a corporate recruiter, had a bit of a roller coaster last couple of years including leaving agency recruiting which I hated, recruiting (& managing for the first time) for the government which I loved but got sacked from, getting told by Mark that it would all be ok, and not believing him, but then getting a fab new job where they think I'm a gift!

This week chucked my hat in for an internal promotion which, if I get it will mean managing again, but for now enjoying the podcasts and enjoying interacting with y'all. (And learning americanisms obviously!).

My ambition is to work abroad so if you know of any vacancies and a handsome man I could marry for a green card... pm me!


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Classic! Seems late to say welcome aboard, so: brilliant that you're here, and thank you for offering guidance to fellow members.

Where do you want to work location wise, and do you want to continue as a recruiter?


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Let's see - my current list is:

New Zealand - but I can't get in
Vancouver - because loads of cool TV is filmed there (but they only get 10 days holiday)
Anywhere where I don't have to drive 50 miles to get my Business 2.o fix or where wifi is ubiquitous
Hong Kong/China/Singapore because it would be cool to be somewhere so completely different.
First Merit,Getronics, Valero Energy, Whirlpool Corporation, anywhere where Micheal Homula and any of the other great corporate recruiters are. I'd love to be part of something radical, cutting edge and successful.
Loved Harvard when I was in Boston for a holiday, loved Moscow, loved Berlin all really buzzy places.

Spoilt for choice really!

And yes, I want to stay in recruiting. I love the challenge of finding candidates, love interviewing, love on boarding people and seeing them later in corridors and finding out how they are doing, love working with managers to help them get the best result, and I think the coming reduction in the workforce is only going to make it harder and therefore more exciting. Oh, and most recruiting, is done really really badly, so it's great to be able to make an impact by raising the bar just a little tiny bit!


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You should consider Australia as an employment option. Plenty of jobs available in the HR/Recruitment industry. Australia also has a number of reciprocal work visa arrangements with the UK, too.

Check out the following sites: [url] (there are currently 4,855 HR/Recruitment jobs available) You can narrow your search by city, and particular job (i.e. Change Management, OH&S, Consulting, Training, etc.) For information about visas and immigrating to Australia, take a look at this website: [/url]

Good luck! :)


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Hi Matt,

Just got back from a holiday and saw your post. My holiday resolution is to stop talking about it and get on with it, so the information you gave is particularly timely.

Thank you, and I'll let you know how it goes!