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Anyone read either of these? They seem to fit within the MT model of management is all about people.

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Did you read the book?  What did you think?  

In any case, what leads you to believe that it's aligned with MT?  Yes, MT is about people, but more specifically, MT is about the behavior of people.  It's about things that one can actually DO, rather than states of mind, or "culture" or academic analysis (although MT is informed by those things).   Does the book provide actionable advice? 

John Hack

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I've read Fierce Conversations and as I've become familiar with MT believe it could be viewed as a One-on-One's phrase book. Some of it's key actionable items are direct advice on using trigger phrases in such a way that both parties build understanding and quickly dig down to key issues.

Chapter three "Be Here, Prepared to be Nowhere Else" is direct commentary on One-on-ones. With examples of  converstions and key questions to use. The last chapter of the book is a directly actionable "user's guide" which oultines how to impliment the book's suggestions in real-life situations

There is a list of phrases to use in order to jump start are fierce conversation. One of my favorites is "What is the most important thing we should be talking about today?"