In my career history, I've not met nor worked with recruiters or recruiting firms in my work. I'm at a stage now where I wold really like to establish a relationship (or several) and open my career opportunities outside of my current industry (higher education IT). I've followed the MT series on working with recruiters, my question is, how do I find a firm or recruiter to start with? There are tons posting to job boards on line; how do you know who is reputable and legitimate? I've reached out to my networks for advice and guidance though many face the same dilemma. I've spent many years leading organizations and find myself frustrated I can't seem to answer the fundamental question, where do I start?

Thank you.

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Have you signed up with John Lucht's yet? They have a really great list of recruiters that they maintain and John Lucht is THE MAN when it comes to job changing (and complements Mark and Mike very nicely). He did a great interview on the cast a few years ago.

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I am in Higher Ed IT. PM me your contact information and I can forward to you names of recruiters who may have contacts in your region or industry of choice.

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I have been to the site (and the read the book) and flouder still. I listened to that cast late last year and I was sold! I have not signed up yet for a variety of reasons... I suppose most significantly my goal was February 2010 to start the recruiter chapter of my next job search. The price isn't bad and it seems others swear by it... Something to consider for me as I inch closer to the February marker.

Thanks for the feedback (and nudge)!