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Mark was quoted in a newspaper article in the New York paper, Democrat & Chronicle.

Very cool to see these guys getting more and more press.

Read the rest of the article here.


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Here's a good story from John Lucht's book "Insights for the Journey" that backs up what Mark is saying about importance of fitting in.

An executive I coach was hired as COO by the CEO who gave him a strong exhortation and carte blanche to "shake this place up from top to bottom. We need change, and plenty of it, and we need it now. I will support you in whatever you decide to do."

As we mapped strategy together, the new COO (who was preceded by several other COO's deemed unsuccessful under the same mandate) told me he intended to "hit the ground running" and "really shake up the place." The CEO would get the upheaval he asked for.

"Do that," I said, "and you'll soon be history, just like all the others before you." Instead, I urged the new COO, to make [b]FITTING IN [/b]his first priority. "Go easy. Go slow. Observe. Be warmly welcomed before you take any action," I told him.

He took my advice.

Eight weeks after the new COO arrived, the CEO took him out to dinner and told him that his was the most promising entry anyone had ever made from the outside into this company.

And a year later, after the COO had delivered just two widely applauded firings, plus numerous well-deserved internal promotions, the CEO who originally had vehemently demanded immediate and drastic change had this to say:

"Paul, you are amazing. No one has ever come in from the outside, fitted in so quickly, and made such a positive contribution so soon.

And it's clear to me how you did it. The others came in to score. You came into lead!"

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Wow... I haven't seen the D&C in a good 5 years - but I grew up with it in Canandaigua, NY! It was a very cool surprise to see the hometown D&C quoting one of my biggest management mentors since I've been here in Asia! A good article too, I've copied and pasted it into my notes.

Are you from Rochester then? I worked up there a short time as a Kodak Co-Op. :)

I think your story has a very good point, JonP - I am crafting some sort of plan for the first 3 months at my new job based on the book "The First 90 Days", and your point is shared by the author several times.

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I'm told by the reporter that the reason we were asked was because the Managing Editor is a fan of Manager Tools.


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Excellent! No wonder the D&C is so popular in Central New York! :)

On another note, it amazes me how rapidly the world continues to shrink~ podcasting is just another example~