I one podcast, i think it´s the hotwash, Mark talks about a coming cast for "What to do during the first 90 days as a new manager". Any chance this will show up soon?

My first 90 at the new job is running out... :D but so far i have starte OoO, feedback, EMP and voicemail.

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i would look for this information myself also. I am past my first 90 days , but I feel like I spend everyday trying to prove to myself and the company that I am "qualified" for the job, manager tools has been an amazing help

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Others on the boards have recommened the podcast series "Climbing the Ladder" from Business Week, and they happen to have one interviewing a consultant about the first 90 days...

Don't expect the comprehensive "How To" approach like MT, but there's good information to be gleaned - especially in the last half of the 'cast...