This book, The First 90 Days - Critical Success strategies for New Leaders at All Levels, by Michael Watkins, was listed on the recommended reading list in the past but seems to have been removed. I found it a very helpful book following my promotion.

This book helps you assess the current state of the organization - Realignment, Start-Up, Sustaining Success and Turn-Around - and then provides a game plan, aligned to the situation, that you can follow for the first 90 days.

Very helpful.


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Hmmm.... it that was intentional, I'd sure like to understand why. I also found it to be a great resource.

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It's a good book, I buy it for folks when I promote them into a managment position.


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I just ordered it and plan to use it as a resource.

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I just finished this. I thought it was tremendously useful. It's one of the few books I've read recently that made me want to take notes so I could make sure I did not lose any important points.

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I'm thinking of reading "The First 90 Days" book for my new job. However, as I was reading its reviews on Amazon, I came across the following one:

"I bought "The First 90 days" by Michael Watkins and Neff/Citrin's book titled "You're in Charge - Now What." I found Neff's book to be a stronger and more practical guide. Both offered excellent guidance however Neff & Citrin produced a more interesting and readable (less text-book like) book with real life examples and a road map."

Has anybody read this Neff/Citrin's book? Any comparisions with "The First 90 days"? Given the time at hand I can probably read only one of these two books ... Any advice will be appreciated.