I just started reading "The First 90 Days" by Michael Watkins.  So far, so good.  Presents strategies for manager/leadership position transitions.

Has anyone already read it?


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I particularly liked the framework defining new positions (start up, turn around, realignment, or sustain success.)


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Several years ago, when I transitioned into my current position, I read the book and developed a two-page plan based upon its recommendations. I found them very useful. As with most plans, I departed from it, but it helped me clarify my planning and it gave me confidence when I needed it. I recommend this book for anyone newly promoted into a new position.

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I love that book. It has lots of actionable items for how to actively learn about the company and department and how to get a strong start in a new role

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I love this book. I have used it before in a past transition and I am currently re-reading in preparation for the new position I will be taking on and it is definitely helping me plan.

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I read it when I started a new job 4 years ago.  I changed jobs again a year ago, and have now just taken on a significant new responsibility.  I forgot about that one, thanks for the reminder.

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I thought it made very strong recommendations for coming in to a new role and putting together a plan for success. Recommended.

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Sounds Interesting! Where can I buy it? Is it available online? 

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I liked the book and have re-read it in career or position transitions. Gave a copy to my son a month ago as he was just starting his professional career after completing grad school.