by Patrick McKenna and David Maister.

The book is like MT in that it is (often) very specific about behavior and convers many of the same topic.

It is a lot drier than the podcast and the book goes to several more steps than the podcast does (and you thought Mark had a lot of steps). Also, the terminalogy are often different. For example, DISC has been around for a long time and the book uses different terms: Analytical, Driver, Amiable, and Expressive.

I do like the fact, they often have what to say in quote. That is useful.

Overall, the book is good. It may have been harder to read the book if I had not gone through the podcast though the book can stand by itself. My one complaint is that ALL the examples are for service organizations (i.e. law, accounting, and consulting).

Mark, if you don't write your book soon, I am going to have to recommend this book to people. :)