I had an interview coming up for a big internal promotion and bought the manager tools interview series.  Listened to all the casts and did excatly what they said.

Met with 5 people over the course of 4 hours (including 2 C suite executives).

I absolutely, positively, f/n nailed it.  Nailed it.   NAILED IT!

Best interviews I have ever done by a million fold.  I closed on all of them.  Wore a suit.  Sent hand written thank you notes .  Having the significant accomplishements stories ready was key.  Did everything you guys taught me.

Even if I don't get the job, I know because of your interview series, I did the best possible job on those interviews.  Couldn't have been any better.

Thank you and I'll keep you all posted.


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Best wishes - you're off to a good start!

It's a privilege to serve you.


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 Didn't want to start a new thread, but just wanted to throw my lot in here. I'm fresh out of Uni, taking a year out before Grad School, looking for grunt work in between, and the response to my first lot of CVs was dismal. No responses. Then I listened hard to the interview podcasts of iTunes, bought the Resume pack, wrote a resume instead of a CV, and got a much better response. Three interview offers within a couple days of sending them out. Two leading to second interviews: one still to come, and the other already offering me part-time in a coffee shop.

Onto my second interview Tuesday, to fill up the rest of my hours working part-time shop floor at a certain fruit-inspired computer company. Rocked suit and tie whilst a bunch of other people went far more "casual" on the "business casual" suggestion; shook hands, smiled, engaged with others. Overcame my high S/C tendencies to shy away from social stuff, too.

This thread has reminded me I need to get on top of those thank-you letters, once we get beyond group interviews. I've read online that this particular company happens to enjoy doing *two* rounds of group interviews before one-on-ones. Gonna spend the rest of my Sunday preparing answers to questions and thinking about what I am going to say. 

Thanks for all your help M&M!

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I got the offer!!!  :D


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I also am not going to start a new thread, but I to put up the money for the series, and they work.They really work!

As a high'I'. I listened tothe series, amd DISC podcasts,  and was able to communicate what i could offer to them. I did everything recommended, and not even one hour after the interview day ended (7am to 4pm) they called to offer me the job.  I gladly accepted.  Thanks so much for helping me to hone my skills and communication,  so they could focus on me, as well as me  providing a picture of me doing this role, and allow methe energy I had (but been containing for fear of turning the off)to some through.  



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I should not reply here via phone. Look at all my typos! I swear I am good about checking those in emails...and documents before sending out to the real world. :)