I've found lots of guidance on first meetings with a new employee joining the company/team, but what if the team is already at the company and I'm the new guy (haven't even started yet)? I have 2 specific questions:

1) In my first meetings with my directs, I want to get to know them a bit (i.e. family, hobbies etc.) but I don't want to seem invasive or if some may find it weird or inappropriate. Are there ways to introduce this such that they know I want to get to know them, but that they can decide what/when to share? It seems getting to know them naturally will take a long, long time, especially with everyone working remotely for at least several more months and even after we'll be primarily remote.

2) Is it approproate to do this as a group so they all get to know each other better? Mine is a new team being formed of existing employees. Some of them have been at the company for years, but they may not know each other, and at least one just joined the company a few months ago during remote work, so he probably knows nothing about the others and vice-versa. It might be good to give everyone a chance to get to know each other, but again I don't want it to seem invasive or inappropriate.


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Here's what worked for me (experience from about 6 new to me teams as an ex pat on assignment and one of me joining a new company)

- Remember MT advice to fit in, fit in, fit in. 

- I use a simple set of questions that I ask all members to share with me, privately in writing (as well as sharing their CV) - I may have learned it here but cannot recall. These questions (a 'where we are assessment') ask a few things - their best and worst decision in last 12-18m; the company's best and worst in same period; their strengths, the areas they want to develop and what piece of advice they want to give me as the new kid.  I have found this to be incredibly valuable - enables a starter for conversations and also engages a new team as you're keen to learn

- Don't be afraid to ask questions about people's home life, it shows you're interested in more than their performance.  If you feel you're encroaching, start with your life. (Know your people!)

- I'd recommend a group session AFTER you know a bit about them. A good approach is to use a pre-mortem exercise to get them talking to each other (even virtually)


Good luck!