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BLUF: Would you join multiple new directs into one "new direct onboarding meeting" or keep them individual?

I have used the advice from the podcast series on onboarding ("First Meeting New Direct").  I have multiple conversations with new staff over the first handful of weeks on "Be honest, be kind, achieve results," timeliness, relationships, and asking questions.  Love the advice and plan to continue using it.  

I happen to have three new directs starting on the same day and a fouth a couple weeks later.  Should I combine the "new direct" meetings for the three directs or keep them individual?

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I would try to keep that particular (honest, kind, results) conversation 1:1 to avoid it feeling like a lecture.  But I'd probably also do a group meeting. Is there any way you can stagger their start times?

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We always start people on a pay period, so staggering 4 people would take two months which won't work - at least not fully.  You make a good point about the "lecture" possibility.  Since it is an entirely new group, I plan to have a one or a handful of group meetings to talk about objectives - the big picture objective primarily, but also set expectations for metrics.  Haven't entirely worked through that agenda yet.  Thanks.