Hey folks,

just wanted to post an actual experience after the 'always ask the same question at the start of your o3's' cast.

I decided to do it.  It feels dumb, but I always ask 'how's it going'.

Generally the responses are 'not bad', 'ok', 'pretty good' but no matter what the actual answer, each person normally keeps to that answer and are consistent.

But last week I had '...pause......busy'.

And there you have it, something had changed, there was the cue for us to spend that time talking through stuff - it turned out to be too many percieved top priorities so we went through the work list, picked out the actual top focuses, discussed how they could be achieved, to the quality needed, where they could look to for guidance and re-stated when the targets were.

The direct was happier at the end, still aware of the high workload, but better able to actually get to grips with it.

If you aren't asking the same question at the start of your o3's I highly recommend it.



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My team figured out I was asking the same question, as was evidenced this week. One of my directs was rushed to the hospital from work. He ended up staying overnight and they ran a barrage of tests. There were concerns that he had a small stroke, but fortunately it turned out to be a severe migrane.


While he was there we text-ed back and forth. Here are the messages from my phone:

Him> They want to keep me over night for observation and other tests

Him> I might miss the standup meeting tomorrow

Me> Lol... I guess one meeting is ok. You'll probably want to skip our 1-on-1 too

Him> Yeah I think we just had that; yes, I'm fine



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Yep. My group noticed very quickly that I ask the same question at the beginning of each O3.

Hope the person on your team recovers quickly Fitch.