I have a couple questions about an upcoming interview I have for what I consider a once in a career/lifetime job opportunity.

1)    The job is at my alma mater, the Coast Guard Academy (CGA).  Is it ok to wear my class ring in addition to my wedding ring to the interview?

2)  I will be in uniform while interviewing.  Should I wear all my ribbons?  We have the option of wearing our top 3 favorite 9 or all of them.  I lean towards wearing them all but it is definitely more formal.

3)    Does all the advice in the interviewing series apply to an interview for someone on active duty?  If not what would you change?

4)    Do you think closing is appropriate in this situation?  I will have an interview with the hiring committee (about 7 people), probably the Dean, and possibly the Admiral. 

There is more background below.

So I am a Lieutenant Commander (O4) on active duty in the Coast Guard (CG).  I entered the CG at 18 years old.  A once in a career position just opened up inside the CG.  It is a permanent commissioned teaching staff position.  To sum it up in two lines: You resign your normal commission and take a special commission that means you are guaranteed O6 as long as you get your PhD.   And oh yeah, they even pay for you to get your PhD while giving you a two year sabbatical to get it.

There are two rounds to the application process.  The first one is a purely paper round where they look at your application and record.  Using that info they limit it down to typically 3-4 candidates that they then fly up for on sight interviews.  I got the news earlier this week that I had made the second round and would interview on Nov 9th for the job.  Not having interviewed for a job since I was 16, I decided to look for some guidance in how to interview.  I stumbled upon this website and think that it makes a ton of sense.  That combined with our similar backgrounds attracted me to your no nonsense podcasts and advice.  I listened to about 5 podcasts and then made the decision to purchase your interviewing series.
I have previously taught at CGA for 4 years and got extremely good evaluations while doing it.  I am currently in the middle of preparing using your interviewing techniques for the position.  If anyone is interested the CG actually gives you a list of the criteria they will use to evaluate the position at this webpage:

All of your feedback would be welcome and if you think there is anything else I should consider please let me know.

Very respectfully,