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Mike, Mark, and the M-T community,

Many, many thanks for the podcasts, newsletters, and forum discussions - I've been listening and lurking for a few years now, soaking it all up like an ambitious sponge. Your stories and ideas have given me the confidence to ask for more responsibility, handle heavy workloads with more grace, and interview much more intelligently... and I was promoted today, from senior analyst into my first management role with a team of ten business analysts. Very exciting!

Though I'm not a mountain climber, I follow the Everest spring climbing season pretty avidly. Last April, as I read about the teams preparing for their summit bids, I was inspired to create my own mental "base camp" to get ready for the climb toward management. Manager Tools has been an incredibly helpful resource during this planning and preparation, and I feel well acclimated and ready to go.

You've helped me change my life, and I appreciate it more than you know.

All the best,


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Congratulations on your promotion and perhaps more importantly, being better prepared for it than nearly all new managers.   I've been a manager for several years with a local government in the Chicago area.  However, it's only been in the past couple years, after discovering Manager Tools, that I feel like I have the skills, resources and confidence to effectively perform my management responsibilities.  

Climbing Everest and the establishment of the base camp is a great analogy - I think I may use that one in the future.   Hope your management journey is a productive one and should you get the opportunity to attend an MT Conference, I highly recommend it - the conferences are usually held in the Chicago area at least a couple of times a year.    


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Victory belongs to the player on the field.  Congratulations. 

John Hack

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Thank you, gentlemen - I do feel well prepared. Mike, the M-T conference isn't on the docket for this year, but I'll keep my eyes open for a more casual Chicago meet-up.

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Congratulations on your new position! Welcome to the forums and great job getting a head start on the process with these great resources!