Hi fellow members,

My question is what do I focus my resume accomplishments on as an executive?  My individual accomplishments, my team accomplishments or the corporate successes?  All three somehow?


A little background on my last role - I was one of 4 VPs reporting directly to the CEO and running three core functions of our energy business.  Because we were originally a small start up all VPs has some aspect of technical work, along with managing our teams and being executives running the business.  The company has had significant growth and success to date and my teams and I contributed all along to that sucess.

As an individual contributor I always focused my resume on the responsibilities and accomplishments that I did largely on my own.  Now I am looking for suggestions on what to focus my resume on now that I have been in the executive role.

Thanks in advance for all your input



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V - I have not been an executive, yet. So, take this with a grain of salt. Tailor your resume to your audience.

You might want to consider focusing the accomplishments that match the role/opportunity that you want. If you're seeking more executive roles then include more of the accomplishments that would apply to executives. It occurs to me that executives get much of their work done through other people (thus Mark Horstman's 'feel like I'm running in oatmeal' story). Hope that helps? Good luck, best wishes! Maybe some other executives could chime in here.