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Need some help with what questions I should prepare in response to information given by a recruiter during phone screen for a face to face interview (end of 28th June would be great).

Here it is: The recruiter gave me alot of information about the role and the previous employee which prompt me to wonder what should I do with this information, maybe nothing, however these do raise alarm bells:

1. The first point made was that the previous applicant who the recruiter placed in this role for the position 2 years ago, left for personal reasons, I'm left wondering why, was it stress, should I even ask, does it matter? Or what should I ask. 

2. Following this the recruiter said the company really liked him, then told me there was lots of turn over in staff.. Again not sure how to ask or even address this or does it make sense?

3. The recruiter also said it is a great company culture and it is an excellent place to work, I just really have doubts and want to make sure I am not jumping into a hornets nest.

As there is no offer - I have nothing (quoting Mark I think) and I am still very interested, so any suggestions on how to address these concerns in the upcoming interview I would be really grateful.

Finally just wanted to express my sincere gratitude, I have been a long time listener, 5 years I think.. and on Wednesday 21st downloaded and followed the Interview Series advice with great success, got a response to the first exciting opportunity advertised with my newly updated resume and cover letter, YES and THANKS! Then followed up two days later with a successful phone screen interview (could have been better but learnt a lot) where we covered alot in 15 minutes as the recruiter had another call to make. I am pleased to confirm I have a face to face interview again big thanks to Career Tools. 

Curiously and I'm not sure why, I persuaded the recruiter to accept a face to face meeting rather than their suggested Skype. I believe it will have better results although no guidance on it and I would like to know if others agree? (Note: This was not the reason for my post) however interest in your points of view.