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Folks - I am participating in my final interview for a position this Friday.  The hiring manager told me via phone that a decision will be made by the following Monday.

How does this timeline change the guidance regarding following up (hand written note, phone call, and email).  I am planning on sending hand written notes after my interview is completed on Friday.  However, since the final decision is being made rather quickly, should I also send thank emails also?

What is everyone's thoughts regarding this?

Appreciate the replies in advance!


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I think an immediate email thank you would be appreciated. I've received them as a hiring manager and for me ANY follow up is welcome since so few people do it.


Whatever you do PLEASE don't do what one candidate did... he prewrote thank you notes (personalized) and handed them out at the interviewers at the end of the interview. It was awful. I remember thinking "How could you possibly know it was going to be a 'pleasure to meet me' when we hadn't even met yet." Even if he had prewritten he could have dropped them in the mail on his drive home.  So awkward. 

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I recommend also sending a hand-written note right after the interview.  First, the decision could be delayed and the note will be very timely.  Even if the decision is made before the note is received, should the decision be you, it sets a lovely tone for your on-boarding.  Should it not be you, they will be left with a professional and kind impression of you.  Never a bad thing.


Good luck and let us know how it goes!!