Hello everybody.

I just listened again to the cast "A notebook and a pen" and I'm wondering how "Writing Cases" fit into that. (I hope it's the correct term - I can't find any one that seems to be commonly accepted. For example something like this:

Since I'm changing jobs right now I'm worried about the picture I'll present in the new company, so I was relistening to anything that has to do with starting a new job (and essentially the complete career tools line).

My position will be as deputy department head of the sales team. In the company organization rooster that does quality as a management position, so the rules for managers should apply. 

I understand the one I linked above is probably not ideal in any case, and I'm not looking for a specific product recommendation (though I'll gladly take them!), but more about pointers as to if these things are appropriate, and under which condition they are.

I might, for example go in a direction similar to this, only in black: (unfortunately the corresponding product page is only available in German).

My current plan is one where I could fit a moleskine notebook (A4 size) in it, but to have something I can take with me to meetings where everything I might need is in one place (pen(s), business card, meeting preparation material, possibly a calculator, notebook).

I've seen some people in my old company using them, but it was by no means universal (then again - the most common type of notebook to carry to a conference was a company issued college note book, just the thing that was advised against in the podcast). On the other hand I do recognize the advantages this might offer in having everything that might be important in one, neat looking place.

What I'm worried about is basically the warning to not get too technological, too "nerdy", of not standing out in the wrong way with ones choice. 

I would greatly appreciate any input you might give me on this. 

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 Congrats on the new position! Yes, I'd consider both appropriate. It's up to you to test each for ergonomics.

Besides that, here are two lessons I learned quickly:

1) The fact that you're posting on a forum asking for advice and listening to Manager Tools will carry you much farther than picking the perfect notebook. Simply trying to get better makes you better.

2) The results you'll achieve will distract professionals from your "too nerdy" notebook if it's effective for YOU. Worry about getting your priority done first. Then spend a little more time tweaking your system.

Congratulations again on the new position! I hope you get plenty of opportunities to leverage your strengths.