Wanted to get some thoughts on this. I applied to a role (currently a free agent on the market), had a phone screen with corporate that I would say was 'average', but my resume was passed onto the hiring manager. After a successful phone screen with him, he wanted to bring me in. The strange thing was he seemed to set this up himself and did so via text (during the phone screen he asked if that was OK and I said it was). During my visit I spoke briefly with the local HR manager, then had a group interview with the hiring manager and some members of a cross functional team. At the conclusion, he said he was going to get feedback from the group but I should here from him shortly and he thought things were very favorable.

It will be 2 weeks this Thursday, I tried to reach out via email but have not received a response. I am not sure I have his correct email because I did not get a card, nor one from HR. How should I try to follow-up next? I have his cell from the earlier text exchange but no information from HR. Thoughts?

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The one major rule of following-up is not to make calls, so I would suggest you to not to make a phone call. If they'll select they'll call you themselve. You just need to relax and apply for some other job posting.

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The Interview Series has excellent advice on followup.  I would do what it says there.  Also, followup can, should, and does include phone calls.  Candidates who followup with me set themselves apart - I want someone on my staff who follows up.