I recently had two interviews in the last three weeks. I sent written thank you notes as suggested in the interview series. The next step was to call to stay in touch and send an email. I have not done these steps.

The reason being that the interviews were set up by the recruiters, I was worried that the companies only want to communicate thru them at this point. I had a friend that tried to speak to a hiring manager directly after the recruiter set up an interview, and the manager cancelled the interview soon after. The manager thought it was unprofessional for my friend to contact him directly rather than go thru the recruiter. Now this example is different as I have already had my interview. Should I try following up directly with these companies? Or just follow up with the recruiters as I have been doing? Thanks for any input!

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Seriously: if you have the contact info of the hiring manager, follow up directly with them. They make the decision, not the recruiter. A good manager will see that as a good thing.

Your friend's experience is unusual and thankfully rare. I'd also suppose he dodged a bullet by not wasting time on a bad manager. Any manager that would preferentially rely on the recruiter isn't hiring well. Most good managers try to do everything they can to get around recruiters and be able to screen people themselves. Most great managers know who they want to hire before they even have an open position.

- Steve