BLUF: Is it inappropriate to "follow-up" to the hiring manager before even speaking with the recruiter regarding an internal application that is nearly 4 weeks old?

I submitted an internal application (through an automated internet kiosk system) at my company for a position in a completely different (and separate) division on September 2nd, literally 48 hours after the position was posted.

On September 20th, I emailed the recruiter directly  "to follow-up with [her] to get a rough idea of the timeline [she's] expecting for this requisition.  I also wanted to see if there was any additional information I could provide that would help facilitate the interview process." 

It is now September 27th and I have not heard from anyone about the position at all.  I did receive a confirmation from the internet kiosk system that my application was received.

To be fair, when I was trying to get into this company, it was a solid three months between "application submitted" and "offer accepted" - it's a very slow-moving company.  But I've also worked with enough recruiters within the company over the past 7 years to be very surprised at the complete lack of response in any way, shape or form.

I also have a minor connection to the hiring manager.  In April 2009, I headed up the "Take Our Children To Work Day" at the local office and it was an amazing success.  The current-hiring manager took the time (back in April 2009) to write an email to the Big Wigs of this division thanking me "for everything [I] did yesterday to make it a very special event.  {Her daughter] had a blast" and called it "a memorable day." 

A couple of things:

  • The job opening is always way more important and urgent to me than it is to them.
  • Not many people save emails from 18 mos ago so it's possible the hiring manager doesn't remember me.

I have an O3 with my boss on Weds (09-29-10) and she will ask me if I've heard anything about the application.  She's already told me she will escalate the issue if I haven't heard anything and I'm just not sure that's the way to go because I'm afraid of being seen or thought of as a whiner who escalates at the drop of a hat. I also don't want to be seen as desperate or "unable to follow the rules" (or established corporate norms.)

I was thinking I could head-off my boss if it were socially acceptable to send a quick note (email or hand-written) to the hiring manager expressing my interest in the position ... even though I haven't even spoken with the recruiter yet. 

I would be a fantastic fit for the job - it's essentially the very job I used to do for 10-12 yrs before I joined this company and that's the only division in which that sort of position exists so it doesn't open up very often.  I would hate to be overlooked due to an oblivious recruiter because I think it would be beneficial for the division & the hiring manager to at least consider what I bring to the table.