Really, how long does it take? Friend of mine applied for a job, interviewed with the recruiter, interviewed with the hiring manager and then developed a 30 minute presentation for a group of execs which was done in APRIL. Since then, subsequent follow-up has been "We're still interviewing."

Is it time to just STOP with the follow-up?  I know M&M say to continue following-up in a professional manner and he has.  It's just that - at four months - we're now in the utterly ridiculous territory.

What type of follow-up commentary could possibly be professional or helpful at this stage?  (Either the hiring folks are looking for the holy grail candidate who's already doing the exact job they want or they've already agreed on someone but haven't had the cojones to tell the recruiter & my friend that the process is done.)

Just let it go?

Follow-up yet again?  And if so, saying what?

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This is the point where you let go and move on. It is very rare that I have heard of the process taking this long, but it does happen. Unless your friend has a very good feeling about the position, I would move on to other positions.

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Move on.  If you were perfect for the position they'd have snapped you up.   If they're "still interviewing" after a couple months they either don't know what they want or they know they haven't found what they want.


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I think the advice in the Interviewing Series podcasts is to follow up for 15 weeks. Yes, Mark and Mike know it sounds like forever, but by that point you've demonstrated your interest in the position -- and if the hiring company still haven't made their decision, the problem is on their end.

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