I am applying for an admin job at a small faith-based organization which advertised "no phone calls, please." in the job posting in the newspaper.   Do I honor their request after submitting my cover letter/resume via snail mail?   I've scoured the web and run into tons of answers, none of them really giving any solid advice and just confirming my biases. Does anyone have any life guidance for me?  Having listened to MT/CT for so long, I would think a true professional would follow up in a week or two.    Thanks! 

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No phone calls means no phone calls. If you can't follow that instruction, I wouldn't trustyou with another.  Get creative with your followup.

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Thanks. That was along my lines of thinking.  I think it's just a matter of actually having the capacity to answer the phone. It appears from their website that they are only available for a few hours/day.    So email email would be acceptable? 

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May I suggest that you send a handwritten thank you note and an email? In addition I would suggest listening to our guidnace on interview follow up. We do recommend a thank you note, phone call AND email. Since they are asking you to refrain from phone calls, I would default to the other two options. I have included the link to the cast below. Since so few candidates ever make through all three of these, even two would be a big step up.

I hope this helps,