I've been listening recently to the follow-up and networking podcasts. Maintaining connections has been a weakness as long as I've been alive, and I recognize the need to get better. I'm not afraid of saying hello, or of being able to follow-up with a phone call or email regularly. I can handle small talk.  

But when it comes to meeting new people, my biggest fear is meeting them again and not remembering that we've met before. I have a poor memory for faces and names. Already, I use my address book to take note of coworkers' spouse and kids names, and these are people I work with daily. 

Does anyone have a good technique for remembering people? Nuts and bolts. Or does it just come with time and practice. 

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One of the things I do, is to try and add people's pictures in outlook.  Linked in has made this much easier as you can download their profile photo and pop it into outlook.  Also, for internal people, I have used the security badge photos and added those to outlook as well.   



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 Thanks. Good ideas. 

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I struggle to remember names also. My issue is I remember every face, but not where I saw them. The folowing works in my situation also.

When they first say their name, try to relate it to something and remember a picture. For example; if you meet someone called Matt, try thinking of the Mat at your front door for a few seconds. I know it sounds crazy, but it really works. The next time you see Matt, your brain will search for an association. What should happen is that you will picture the Mat at your front door, hence remembering his name. You could also associate it with an item of clothing they typically wear, where they sit, the car they drive....whatever works for you.

Hope this helps.


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Manager Tools has an older podcast on helping to remember names: