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This question is more of a preparation for management.
* How should I place this in my delta file ?

BLUF - A couple of Team Members don't want their Photos placed on posters around campus.

It is Medical Librarians Month -- and to highlight this our Executive Director has decided that we will place posters around the campus highlighting our team !

Our Executive Director has asked that everyone on our team prepare a short bio that will be accompanied by a Photo.
Posters of our Bio and Photo will be placed around the hallways highlighting our Staff Members, our positions, and the services we provide.

This is appropriate to the job - as certain Team members are assigned to specific Departments and we wanted to raise awareness of who on our Team supports which programs and departments.

A few of our team members have shown considerable resistance at having their photos taken and displayed.
They are _not_ claiming religious reasons. They are only claiming that they don't like their photos and how they look in pictures.

* What is the best way for a manager to get an initiative like these posters to work ?

* Should they be allowed to opt out ?

* Should the idea of the photos be scrapped all together ?

* Should the manager just force the issue ?

When I am confronted by this kind of resistance the little bit of High "D" I have takes over, and I just want to say "Get over yourself, find a good photo you like and play with the team."

Like I said -- right now, I am not the Executive Director -- I am a peer in this group. But, I am planning to move into the Director position sometime in the future.

Any Ideas ?



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This seems to fall into the category of, "Pick your fights carefully."

I know people who get angry whenever anyone takes their picture. When photos are taken of groups at a holiday party, etc., some have been captured at a moment when they have angry, disgusted looks on their faces. No wonder they don't photograph well. It is somewhat amusing, with a tinge of annoying as well. Like some indigenous peoples who feel that a photograph strips them of some of their humanity, some people feel personally violated.

My emotional reaction would probably be similar to your High D, suck it up buttercup. However, unless there's a company policy requiring that employees make themselves available for photographs, or there is a significant business purpose for the photos, this issue probably wouldn't pass the "pick your fights carefully" standard for me. Keep in mind you're dealing with a person who feels personally violated. Even if they're the type that is constantly searching for reasons to be offended, a risk/benefit analysis would probably indicate to leave it alone.

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Thanks for the ideas to think about.