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Most of the topics here focus on serious issues and specific problem situations. I think it would be nice to have a forum for lighter topics, jokes, comics, funny stories, etc. I often come across funny things where I say to myself "the MT group would [i]love[/i] this!". But I don't want to waste anyone's time by posting to the existing forums.

Does anyone else think this is a good idea?


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I'm a newbie here, but I've thought the same thing. I'm a part of another very specific online community. We have our boards divided by category, but also have a forum for shooting the breeze. It brings folks back more often and stimulates real friendships and networks.

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And, naturally, this kind of forum would have a kitchy name like "The Water Cooler", or "The Break Room".


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Sorry, my vote is "no". One of the reasons why these forums are so useful is the very high "signal-to-noise" ratio. If I have to read through a bunch of jokes to get to the management posts, it lowers the value for me.

Of course, if Mike can find a way to add a "water cooler" forum and keep it out of the RSS feed, then we can both get what we want.

As an aside, I think we both revealed something about our DISC profiles... :)


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I vote no for the same reason. There are PLENTY of "water cooler" type forums. Please don't muck up the one forum that I consistently go to for advice on how I can do my job well.

BTW, I posted something a bit off color and on the humorus side recently and was promptly shut down. Thank you for that. I was wrong and apologize for my inappropriate post. :oops:


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[quote="tom.evans"]Does anyone else think this is a good idea?[/quote]

Not if it's part of the RSS feed.

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Count me as a "no" as well.

I think there are other non-management focused forums where that could be done.

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[quote="RichRuh"]As an aside, I think we both revealed something about our DISC profiles... :)[/quote]

Looks like you have the classic inspirational pattern with the goal to control your environment or audience.

I have not taken the profile yet. I do wonder. Maybe I will.