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Was listening to the Immunization podcast Part II now here late evening Sunday in LA. One way to synchronize the favorite page of all the web pages you stored is through FOXMARKS. (what ever site you visited and stored).


This allows you to reach all the favorite web page from any computer anywhere through a user name and password. Yes, You may need to use FIREFOX,(I use that).

Agree, totally with Mike and Mark, Print out at home is the best and NOW.

Great cast.


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[url=]Google Browser Sync[/url] also fulfills a similar function. It also synchronises browser history, persistent cookies and saved passwords plus it will store the pages you have open in one location and offer you those pages when you connect elsewhere, so you can be viewing something at work, go home and view the same page at home (or visa versa). It also makes it easier to find pages again that you remember seeing and now need to find again, you don't have to remember whether you were on your work PC or home PC (very useful for me as I have 2 home PCs and 3 work PCs).