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Has anyone out there taken both the real DISC and the free DISC-like test at I'm just wondering how it compares to the real one.

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I'm not certain that free one is the one I took, but I did take a free one, and then I paid for the one M&M had for a while.

I got different scores. The free test identified me as a higher S and lower I than the paid for version did.

I would expect some variance between test scores based on mood or whatever for a given day. But my scores were quite a bit different. I feel better about the paid-for version.

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I just did, for the curiousity factor! I am a high D&C (sounds painful!) and low I&S according to the one that was on the site here for a while, which did ring true. Attending to detail is comforting, but I need my goals and challenges! And who needs people!

This free one had me as a medium C, but a low D (and a low everything else). It didnt really ring as true as the first one. However, what I did like was the ability to go back and change the questions where I was a bit unsure of the choices - that raised my D score into the medium range, at the expense of my S score being lowered slightly.



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I did it and came out 36-16-20-28, mosly low end of the average range or high end of the low range, doesn't really map at all to the 6-1-3-7 (on a scale of 1 to 7) the paid for test gave me. You'd expect some variability between tests (so, for example, I wouldn't be suprised or worried if I redid the test and got say 7-1-2-6 or 6-2-2-7) but not that much.


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I found my paid-version workbook from 4+ years ago and the online gave me essentially the same results, I think.

7 2 1 5 (paid)

* or *

+15 -4 -12 +1 (paid)

* versus *

68 12 4 16 (free)

So yeah, I'd say it's fairly comparable but nowhere nearly as informative as the actual paid version.

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I haven't tried the paid version but just took the online one. I'm unsure of the results.

From the descriptions, I would consider myself higher in the D and C ratings but the results came back pretty flat: low to average on all counts. 24-20-32-24

Am I that boring?

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I did not realize that the Disc indicated how boring someone is. Ya learn something new every day :wink:


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I took the test the original post refers to, and I was NOT impressed at all.

My score was:

D- 48
I- 44
S - 4
C - 4

You might think that was a good High D High I score, as my "official" score was 7-7-1-1. But in this scoring, those 40+ scores put me in the middle of the range, and I would have to have gotten 63+I think to score a "High" D or I.

So, it didn't work for me. I've been using the model for so long, and I'm pretty attuned to it...and I KNOW I'm a High I and High D. Frankly, I'm off the charts. So to be ranked in the middle.... can't buy it.


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I think the indicators are generally there, but aparently the scoring is off. I wouldn't read too much into it.

I don't remember the numbers, but the test scored me very low in C/I and moderately high in D/S. That is interesting because I think there is truth to it. My natural communciations style is an S, but at work I tend to focus more on the end result, making it slide toward D. I remember when taking the test being split on questions that went between home and work and I think it was that split that resulted in the score I had. I'm sure that if I took it in my "home" personality, I would be a strong S and if taken in my work personality, it would be a high-D.


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Very interesting,

Thank you for the free link. I will be interested in see what the paid one says about me.

D = 16
I = 16
S = 44
C = 24

Very interesting.

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Never even heard of it 15 minutes ago, nice to learn something new!


Makes sense to where I am at this moment. I feel I have strong loyalty and compassion which drives results due to being supportive towards my staff.

I almost felt bad my C was low haha. I'm sure the paid one for me may be similar but with larger ranges.