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Hi all

To celebrate the release of Mark's new book, to help people "charge up" during the summer vacation, and in the spirit of Manager Tools' efforts to make every manager effective, I have chosen to give away my course for free on how to work effectively in Outlook 2010/2013/2016. To be effective, you must also learn how to deal with the huge volume of e-mails and the tasks implicit embedded in many of these e-mails.

I know Mike, Mark, Wendii, and Dani have offered a handful of great MT podcasts on the topic and I think that the material I offer will mostly complement their material and at some places offer an alternative view on how to handle a certain area.

To sign up for my course on Udemy for free before the offer expires end of August, use the following link or coupon code "MANAGER-TOOLS-2016":

I have created 1000 coupons for now, if interest is higher I will create more.