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I reconfigured my resume into the MT format I decided to give it a whirl in the open market and see what happened.
It ended up in the hands of an executive recruiter who asked if I had a "Fuller Resume".

It left me wondering if I should resubmit the same text, but reformat it over several pages with narrower margins and a larger font.

Anyone else had a similar response?


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Yes, we hear this every once in a while.

Recruiters just want to know everything.... and I'm guessing he does NOT recruit executives, unless you are one yourself...but that's a longer story.

You DON'T want to resubmit as you indicated.

Unless this is pursuant to a specific opportunity, I would not share more than the one page. Anybody with any smarts will figure it out, and no sense going to a lot of trouble for someone with - frankly, sorry - little interest in you.