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I'm a high D/I  (7-6-1-3) and I've been revisiting the Effective Relationships series in preparation for a new position. I'm wondering if anyone else with two "High X" traits ever feels this way. This is (more or less) my constant inner monologue: 

High I:  ::Telling FANTASTIC story to BESTEST WORK FRIEND EVER(!!!)::

High D: Ugh. Shut your face, we have work to d--

High I: Shut YOUR face, jerk. BESTEST WORK FRIEND EVER(!!!) helps us all the ti--

High D: I want this 30 minutes of our life back. Yo--

High I: What else are we going to do, analyze those reams of data?

Both: ::hearty belly laugh at the ridiculousness of silly details::

High D: Eh, lets go pick on [High-C] Bob. 

High I: Oooh!! That's always fun!! I'll ask him 10,000 questions about his divorce. You tell him he's wron--

High D: Well, he IS wron--!

High I: :-) Awww, I love you, even when you're grumpy. 

High D: Die.

High D: Also, I cannot BELIEVE you put a smiley in a Manager Tools forum post.  



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Yes. I'm also a high D, high I. This is constantly my inner dialogue.

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nuff said


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I'm both, although slightly higher D. So glad to hear it's not just me!!

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As a high D-C i have similar internal struggles but they are much more about if I really need to plow through all the data to make a decision or if the one I've probably already made is correct enough to go with.

D: Obviously the answer is "XYZ"

C: What if the data says otherwise?

D: It probably won't

C: But what if the Boss asks us about the data?

D: She probably won't

C: See... this here looks important!

D: It's probably not

C: Ever heard of confirmation bias?

D: Yes, but I probably don't have it

C: did you really just... never mind, I'm reading the rest of this

... Time passes ...

C: See, that was really helpful

D: Sure, sure. But the answer is still "XYZ"

C: True, but now we know why.

D: We're never getting that time back you know....