Hey Everyone,

I know there's lots of jokes about the "adjective soup" that you can see in a resume. However, I ran into something that actually made me laugh out loud. I have attached a picture.

I'm impressed with the effort this must have taken to achieve.

Michael Boyko

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Hi Michael,

That was pretty unique.

I received a resume once where the candidate stated that he had 'sold enough stuff on Ebay to qualify as a sales executive'

Kind regards


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It's nice to share some fun stuff once in a while, on top of the great support we get from each other on work topics.


DiSC 7114

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 That's lovely! 

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 Kidding aside, how do you deal with candidates applying with those kinds of resumes? It's like 99.99% of resumes I've seen are full of adjectives - primarily because of the influecne of schools and their pride of the "school format." 

I mean, if i get those kinds of resumes, those without giving me a reason to invite them, I don't bother spending time trying to scrutinize it.

What happens is that I don't get to even invite people for a face to face interview. Those that I have doubts with, I screen them first via phone. Then, my screening essentially proves my gut-feel about them - that I shouldn't invite them. That leaves me with an open post for a long time.

Oh, still building my network and my bench, so really can't find people there - yet.