I'm working in the IT department as Functional Application Administrator, managing our core application and doing project management.

I'd very much want to gain experience in other departments -- marketing, 'product & sourcing' and to our foreign subsidiaries. But how?

Its a small, but versatile company in the fruits & vegetables business. We grow various fresh produce in (mostly) Morocco. On those farms, produce are planted grown harvested processed and shipped to our European facility. Here its sorted & packaged then sent off to supermarkets across the European Union & Russia.

I'd like to develop into being a versatile Business Analyst inside the organization with broad vertical experience that  knows something about everything, but specialist in implementation projects.
My job is really great but i'd to live & work for my employer in <<country name>> for a year or two.

My obstacles:
1. Dont know how communicate my desires towards my IT Manager.
2. My skill-set is very IT-specific. I know nothing about growing plants, nor planning trucks, no customer support sales experience whatsoever.

Ideally I start working one day per week on another department. IN a week or two my annual Functional Review is coming up and I'd like to use that oppertunity to discuss this with my manager.

Any ideas, or tips would be appreciated!

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I would do exactly what you're suggesting: bring it up in your performance review.  Tell him you want to make it part of your evaluation next year because you feel exposure to the operations of the company can only help you serve your internal customers better.  Of course, with this you'll need to present a solid plan as to what you want to accomplish, how it will benefit the company, and how you'll keep your IT projects on-track.