This might be the wrong forum to put this in, but I wasn't really sure where this could fit...

Does anyone know of any fun excercises or games that you can do in a group, to make people get to know each other? I.e. when you try to set up a peer group - SME's from different teams or something, who might have met or not before, and are supposed to form a group/network in order to discuss and brainstorm best practices. To break the ice and to establish a save and familiar environment, I want to do some interactive exercises with them, that will make them get to know each other in a fun way.

If there's a podcast or other thread or specific books on the subject, please point me in the right direction.

Thank you!

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Here is what I did at my old company, which was a training company. Make cards with hand gestures on them, ie peace, 1 finger, thumbs, ok signal. When they get together asked them to discuss with each other what they learned.

Make equal amounts for the entire number of participants. 5 sets, 5 of each type for 25. Then randomly distribute the cards as people arrive or put them on their sets in random order.

When you are ready to put them into groups, tell them to find the people with the same card without speaking. You can also use colored cards or numbers.

Hope this helpped

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Hi jhbchina,

thank you, I like that idea!


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The MT members-only podcast for 2005-12-03 was specifically about Meeting Introductions.

Check it out. I've done it, and it works very well.